Featured Football Coaching Sites

Featured Sites - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ?

When we first went online over 20 years ago, a featured site listing offered a no-cost way for a football coaching web site, camp or clinic to gain exposure and traffic while instantly boosting its search engine ranking.

With the addition of live content feeds in the Summer of 2023, our featured site listings were discontinued in favor of the publication of publishing news feed in our feed widget.  Our widget displays the an index of a site's most recent content, and excerpt from each post when its available.  Our feed widget also includes a navigation tool that will display up to 10 total post titles and excerpts, along with a View Article link that, when clicked, opens the article in a new tab and displays it on the publisher's web site. 

Feed placements, like Site listings, are free.  Contact Us and we'll visit your site and check out your feed. While we can't guarantee a feed placement, we will add your site to our listings if its not already there.

The feeds displayed above may currently appear on our Home Page or Sites listing page, or could have previously appeared on one of those pages.