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The Play of the Day is one of Option football's longest-running daily publications. Produced by Coach Tony DeMeo, the Play of the Day originally consisted of a "cutup" with game video from a single play from his Triple Gun Offense. Since moving to the CompuSports Media Exchange in 2021, Coach DeMeo, who continues to post daily, expanded the topics to include a weekly Motivational post, a High School Play of the Day, Free Chapters and Previews of his CoachTube courses and videos, and more ! In addition to the preview of Coach DeMeo's recent blog posts on our Home page, a Play of the Day Index that includes "x and o" oriented posts is published and updated at Option Central.

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This collection of articles includes a group of "oldies but goodies" that first appeared here at many years ago. They were contributed by what are now called "guest bloggers" - the term had yet to be coined at the time. The second group of articles are more recent additions, that, like the first group are located at the CompuSports Media Exchange - one of our affiliate sites.  Click each title to view the article.

Some popular, more recent additions to The CompuSports Media Exchange include :