About Footballcoachingsites.com

An alternative to "surfing" for football coaching web sites, podcasts, YouTube channels and more...

Founded in 2001 as a directory of football coaching websites, the idea behind Footballcoachingsites.com was to make it quick and easy to locate, learn about and visit football coaching web sites.  Those who remember the early days of the internet will recall that search engines were poor (Google, for example, did not even exist) and the links page on a web site was often its most popular page. The best way to find a football coaching web site at that time was to visit one, find its links page and "surf".

Nothing against surfing, but at Footballcoachingsites.com, we attempted to solve that problem by building an interactive, database-driven directory that went a step further than a simple links page.  After a number of years, it was obvious to us that football coaching web sites were constantly appearing and disappearing, football coaching clinics were decreasing in number and relevance, and online audio and video had become the dominant form of education for football coaches. At the same time Social Media heavyweights like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter emerged as the dominant news and communication medium among football coaches at all levels.

Our latest "refreshed" site design adds live "feeds" to our Home Page and most of our listing pages while maintaining our "links" listings of both online and offline football coaching resources.  Our listings (links) and feed widgets are free for football coaching content sites, football coaching podcasts, YouTube Channels and operators of football coaching clinics and camps.

We would appreciate your taking a minute to Contact Us to Suggest a Site, Podcast or YouTube channel that we should add to our listings and feeds.