A timeless system for Defensive Football coaches

This is a complete and thorough defensive system. It is truly dimensional ! Bob Troppmann has organized his "Master Defense" to suit all levels of competition. In implementing this system a coach will have a "complete package." I recommend this for anyone starting a new program." 

Bill Walsh
Former SF Forty-Niners Head Coach and NFL Hall of Famer

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The Master Defense by Bob Troppman was first introduced in the late 1960's when it was published by Parker Publishing. 

The Master Defense is a comprehensive defensive scheme that is suitable for any level of football. Through its system of numbering fronts and "coloring" coverages, The Master Defense makes it possible to present virtually any "look" to an offense without changing the basic concepts and terminology.

An "out-of-print" publication, The Master Defense returned to life as an eBook in 2001.  At that time, eBooks were new, and the book was called  The Master Defense Electronic Edition .  This "electronic" edition - now we refer to eBooks as "digital editions", includes 100 plus pages that explain and illustrate the concepts that make up the Master Defense "system", or scheme in detail. Also included is an online, or digital (we called it the "electronic") flip chart - which illustrates the Defensive concepts presented in the book.  

A short sample of  the Flipchart  can be viewed by clicking the link to the left.

The "online" flip chart is a replica of the original "paper" version and supports the presentation of The Master Defense concepts by making it possible for a coach to "flip" between Defenses and Offensive Formations and view supporting details of each.

A sample chapter and table of contents from The Master Defense eBook is available by visiting the CompuSports Media Exchange.