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 Football Coaching Web Site News - X & O Labs launches web site


X and O Labs

X&O Labs (www.XandOLabs.com) launched its web site on June 1, 2011, a much anticipated development for many football coaches who had enthusiastically participated in, or read (and as we did, were favorably impressed with) one or more of its outstanding research projects or reports. 

We featured X&O Labs earlier this year when we discovered, first hand, the quality and unique aspect of one of the outstanding FREE Coaching Research Reports published by the company. (see below for a list as of June 1).  The site now includes the library of Research reports as well as a coaches forum/message board and access to special reports by email.  A video section is forthcoming.

The Football Coaching Research Report Library now includes:

  • DB Press Technique Report
  • Defending the Ace Formation
  • Midline/Triple Vs. Odd Stack
  • Leveraging the Strong Side Run Game
  • Blocking the Outside Zone
  • One-Back Power Game
  • Separating the Defense
  • Secondary Play in the “Robber” Concept Vs. Pro and Spread Personnel
  • Split Coverage Concepts Vs. Spread Formations
  • Zone Pressure Concepts Against Spread Teams

VISIT THE NEW WEB SITE FROM X & OLABS - A Football Research Company for Coaches

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