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 Football Coaching Resource News - Playmaker Pro for iOS Devices now available

View Playmaker documents on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices running iOS version 5.1 or newer.


Playmaker Pro for iOS

Playmaker Pro for iOS makes it possible to view PlayMaker Pro documents that are created with the Macintosh or Windows versions of Playmaker Pro.  The latest version of the "app" displays documents for American or Canadian Football.

Documents can be moved from Macintosh or Windows computers to an iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch in a variety of ways, including the Apps window of iTunes, as an email attachment if the file name ends in ".fbd", or using a cloud storage utility like DropBox.  Once the Playmaker document file is on the iPad, it will automatically be linked to the Playmaker Pro app.

Learn more about the Playmaker app for iOS

Purchase playbook software for Windows or Mac computers 

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