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Full Throttle Football's Sports Camp in a Box

Full Throttle Football founder, Coach Nichols has coached football at nearly every level from middle school to the college ranks.  Over his career, Coach Nichols has developed a reputation as a innovator and teacher of the game and created a number of businesses, including Full Throttle Coaching Solutions, Full Throttle Football and Full Throttle Publications, to share his experiences with coaches around the world.

One thing Coach Nichols knows something about is running a Sports Camp, which was the impetus behind his creating Sports Camp in a Box.

Sports Camp in a Box

Sports Camp in a Box is a turn-key, "how to" product filled with instructions, tools and resources that football coaches can utilize to run innovative and exciting player-development camps for potential athletes in grades two through eight. Now in use in over 20 states and in 5 countries, Sports Camp in a Box covers every part of the camp development process and explains 10 ways to make more money off of a camp. 

Resources include a set of 21 color, printable Station Cards that you can be given to coaches who work the camp..guiding them through the teaching of the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, and ball handling to athletes of any age, and a resource CD with time and energy-saving templates for producing organizational spreadsheets, award templates, team handouts, and much much more.

Coach Nichols believes that a successful Sports Camp can and should be much more than a miniature version of a high school practice, an overly-expensive, glorified babysitting service, a conditioning camp where the young athletes spend more time running than working on skills.

Rather, Coach Nichols believes a football camp is an opportunity for a Football Coach to grow the program in all facets and to promote quality football from youth to varsity. Coach Nichols spent 5 years working to develop a camp structure that is based on the latest research in sport instruction and exercise physiology. He then tested and refined it in a variety of school settings ranging from rural to urban and public to parochial. The result was Sports Camp in a Box.

What's in the (Sports Camp in a ) Box ?

With Sports Camp in a Box, a coach will know that each minute of the camp he is running has been painstakingly organized to maximize both player and program development in a number of areas - including:   

  • Character – Work hard, Play hard, Do the right thing!
  • Essential Skills -Blocking, Tackling, Ball Handling, and more
  • Belonging to the Larger Program – Relationships with coaches, Relationships with players
  • Love for the Game – Success in different skills, games, and situations; Fun playing football with peers

In addition to the detailed focus on player and program development, these camps have been constructed be run at extremely low cost. This provides the coordinator a chance to raise money for his team, his program, and even his pocketbook.

Sports Camp in a Box: Football Edition is being used across the US and Europe, has been very well received and is helping hundreds of programs harness the power of their camps to develop their programs and make more money.

Get more from your Football Camp with the time tested and proven practices

Order your copy of Sports Camp in a Box today !

Order and Download Sports Camp in a Box from The CompuSports Media Exchange

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