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Glazier Launches Football Drills section of Glazier Online

Glazier Clinics recently launched a new section of Glazier Clinics Online that will serve as a "community-based" platform for football drills.   The new initiative is a free resource that contains football drills for most positions and a wide range of situations that are encountered in a game. 

The current library includes drills for the defensive line, defensive backs, linebackers, offensive line, wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and special teams - with as many as 50 drills in each category.  Defensive back drill examples include:

  • 90 Degree Break Drill
  • Back Pedal Drill
  • Back Pedal, Shuffle and Break Drill
  • Defensive Priorities
  • Defensive Team Objectives

The Drill section expands the growing collection of online resources for football coaching education, from Glazier Clinics - a long time leader in the category.  Additional educational opportunities and resources are available through the Glazier Season Pass, a program that delivers access to the renowned Glazier Clinics "site-based" football clinics that are held around the country each year; online content, including 60 coaching videos; hundreds of recorded coaching webinars and more than 750 sets of speaker notes from the clinics.


Glazier Clinics Online

About Glazier's Season Pass

The Glazier Clinics offer a unique combination of on-site, live football coaching clinics plus unlimited online training options designed to help maintain your core strengths, build your playbook and polish your coaching abilities to a higher level. Your "all-access" key to this professional development training is called the "Season Pass." You can get on board and reserve your Season Pass right now for one low price ($99 for individuals or $299 for an entire school staff)!

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