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Message Boards for Football Coaches


Message boards have long been a preferred source of information for football coaches.

Easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain and available free with free hosting from companies like ProBoards among others,  message boards range from general purpose boards to highly specific boards that deal with one aspect of the game - usually an Offensive scheme.

The forum at Tony DeMeo's web site is free to join and use.  The board has a blog section that features Coach DeMeo's Play of the Day - as a video and illustration.

Coach DeMeo has a background that enables him to comment and educate on a wide range of Offensive schemes and systems, including his Triple Gun Offense.

This is one of the more efficient boards - its compact and devoid of a lot of the kind of extraneous comments - the ones that make it necessary to "wade through" through a lot of "sewage" that is found on some larger General Purpose boards.

Tony DeMeo Blog features Play of the Day

The Pro Style Football Association is free to join and use, but requires registration as do most message boards.   The Pro Style Football Association has a number of highly experienced active members, including Coach Bill Mountjoy and Coach Mike Pope - founder of the Hawg Tuff site and Offensive Line Football Camps.

The board is not overly commercialized, which can often be the case with larger, more established message boards. 

For nearly 10 years, Jerry Campbell's web site has been a popular place for football coaches who want to network with other coaches, peruse an extensive library of coaching resources, and interact with Coach Campbell himself.

Those who know Jerry, frequent his site and many actively participate in his forums.   Last year, Jerry did a major overhaul of the site, adding a modern look and feel to what was already an incredible amount of coaching knowledge and wisdom in the various sections of his coaches helping coaches forum. 

Other popular Message boards include :

Bucksweep.com - The Original Wing T Message Board

Footballscoop.com - Best known for "gossip" related to hirings and firings in the football coaching profession

Coach Huey.com - claims to have the web's largest Message Board community. Covers a broad range of topics.

Did we miss a popular message board for football coaches? 

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