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Football-Defense.com - resources for Defensive football coaches


Football-Defense.com is one of the largest resources on coaching defensive football on the internet.

Started in 2009 by Coach Joe Daniel, the website has grown to feature more than 250 articles, videos, web clinics and more available to members, as well as dozens of free articles and videos. With a decade of coaching time, and experience in multiple defensive fronts, Coach Daniel covers it all on the website.

Article topics include 4-2-5, 4-3, 3-4, 3-5-3, 46 Bear, Double Eagle Flex and more, plus coverages, blitzes, game planning and coaching philosophy for coaches from every level of football. Several eBooks written by Coach Daniel are also available on the Football-Defense.com, including Coaching Football's 4-3 Over Defensive Front, Coaching Football's 3-3-5 Defense , and Dominating Football Defense with the Zone Blitz.

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