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Cross Fit Football - a site and a system that helps build strong football players

Cross Fit Football Strength Training 

CrossFit Football is a strength and conditioning program designed for football players and participants in contact sports.

The program uses organic functional movements performed at high intensity to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during a football game. Using its knowledge of the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel, Cross Fit Football can replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field. By combining high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program, the result is a training program that CrossFit believes is unparalleled in the industry.

CrossFit Football points to its origins in the NFL - havng been designed by NFL players and some of the top coaches in the world.  Created by top athletes, and used to compete at the highest levels of professional sports, the program it has not been designed by someone that thinks it might work, but rather by athletes and coaches that have dominated at the highest levels of competitive athletics.

Designed to work for all players regardless of age or experience, The CrossFit Football program can "scale" its loads, distances, times, intensity, and programming to meet the needs of athletes at all levels of training advancement. Few would question that every football player needs to strive to become strong in mind, heart and body, fast explosive, and capable of performing when tired and exhausted - whether an NFL player or a Pop Warner.

The CrossFit Football web site includes a great deal of free information, including daily workouts.  You can learn more about the cross fit program by listening to this football coaching podcast on the CoachXO show in which Shane Sams interviews Cross Fit's John Welbourn, a former NFL Player with the Kansas City Chiefs. 

For more information Visit crossfitfootball.com

For the show notes and other great football coaching resources, visit the Coach XO Web Site

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