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Site focuses on Outside the Lines aspect of football coaching


Chris Fore is a veteran football coach from Southern California who attributes much of the success he has experienced since becoming a Head Coach in 2003 to his focus on the administrative and organizational aspects of the job.  His web site, www.coachfore.org aims to help coaches with what he calls the "outside the lines" part of being a football coach.

Coach Fore has created a 100 page manual for coaches to help in this area entitled, as one might guess.. The Outside The Lines Manual.  Its available at www.coachfore.org along with a variety other program-building resources - including a four part series on the Shield Punt.

This frequently updated site also chronicles a research project that Coach Fore started in January of 2012 to explore the philosophies of the 2011 State Championship football coaches nationwide.  By mid April, over 100 coaches have weighed in to share the methods and best practices they've used to make their programs successful, and Coach Fore shares this wealth of information on his site as it becomes available.

Visit www.coachfore.org  

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