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 Featured Football Coaching Clinics  - Regional, Local and "thematic" clinics for 2012 
Texas Football Masters Clinics on Offensive Line Play

Our featured clinics section includes news and information about a variety of clinic types and formations. From the industry-leading Glazier and Nike clinics to Regional and Local clinics, there's no shortage of opportunities for football coaches to polish their skills and network with others in the profession. 

This page highlights a number of Regional and Local clinics slated for the 2012 football clinic season. Many of these clinics have run for a many years and others are in their early stages.  Some are general in nature, while others are thematic in their approach, focusing on a specific scheme or position. 

One such clinic, which will be held in two locations is the Texas Football Masters Clinics on Offensive Line Play. The Clinics feature Coach Jim McNally, currently a consultant with the NY Jets and one of the deans of Offensive Line Coaches. 

McNally spent 28 years in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, and 14 years with the Cincinnati Bengals where he developed Hall of Fame tackle Anthony Munoz  and has been described as "One of the greatest line coaches of all-time".

The clinics will be held in early April in Texas, the first at DFW-Grapevine on April 3-4, and the second in Houston on April 4-5, 2012.

The Session Topics include:

  • Session 1 Fundamentals:

    • Stance, base position, movement, splits, and spacing.

    • Technique: Positioning, striking & hand placement, lifting & moving defenders, brace foot, strike foot, high leg, center snap, and footwork.

    • Blocks: Base, Cutoff, Reach, types of Double Teams.

  • Session 2 Zone Principles and Plays:

    • Intro to zone principles & technique; Inside, mid, and outside zone plays;

    • Scissors zone misdirection running play;

    • Zone plays to a two man surface;

    • Zone variations & adjustments.

  • Session 3 Pass Blocking and Protections:

    • Pass blocking fundamentals and technique.

    • Protection principles, schemes, and variations.

    • Play-action protection.

    For the daily schedule, hotel information and additional information, visit the Official Web site of the Texas Football Masters Clinic at http://www.fbmasters.com


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